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It’s 3am, and you furiously type out the last few sentences of the 2000 word history essay. Red-eyed, you swear as you continuously misspell words. Every back space is another second you don’t get sleep. You finish close up the last sentence and click word-count: 1957 words. Saving the document, you say a little prayer that there aren’t any typos in your paper, after all, it is due in 5 hours, so you don’t have any time to proof read your work. Then, you become angry at yourself for waiting this late to write the essay. Seriously, you think, I’ve known about this for months, why did I wait until just now to write it. Shrugging, you fall into bed, too tired to change into pajamas. Slowly sleep begins to take over your mind, until something starts you awake once again: World Literature Paper 1. It’s due in a month… You close your eyes once again and sigh: “I’ll start it this weekend.”
My life, in a nut-shell, so to say.

I thought about it while feeding my neighbor's cat.

Yes it is 9 AM, on a Sunday during summer. I am doing homework.
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July 26, 2009
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